Why I am a member?

"I have been a member of the AAP for 30 years or more. In my early years as an EMS manager, I felt that it was important to get as much education as possible about how EMS in Pennsylvania works. At the time, there were only a few places to get that information. Even though I tried to communicate through our Regional Council at that time, I never felt comfortable with the results. I was able to get placed on a few committees at PEHSC and began attending some meetings there. It was a good education. My EMS organization had a membership with the Ambulance Association of PA, but, honestly, I didn’t feel they had my best interest in mind at first. I really felt they were only interested in BIG services and Private (For Profit) services.

Then, through some of the meetings I was attending, I met some of the people who belonged to the AAP and began to hear a different side of the story. So I decided to find out for myself.

I began attending meetings and began to meet the people who were on the board and people who attended their meetings. I learned that the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania is the ONLY organization in Pennsylvania that is totally dedicated to representing ALL EMS providers. Large services, small services, profit, not for profit, and individuals can get answers to any question with a phone call or email.

The Board of Directors of the AAP is made up of individuals who dedicate their time to making EMS in Pennsylvania one of the best in the country. They do not get paid for their service and, in fact, attend meetings, many times, at their own expense. They don’t just attend meetings. They are people whose everyday lives are busy and yet they will take time out to answer questions about their particular expertise in the EMS field.

I have been an EMS manager for thirty-five (35) years. If I am puzzled by something in EMS, I simply call or email Heather and ask a question. She has ALWAYS been able to answer my question or direct me to someone, either on the Board or affiliated with the AAP, who has expertise in the subject of my interest. Add to that the bonus of membership advantages with organizations that offer discounts to AAP members and you are left with a bargain that is worth much more than the membership fee.
Thank you AAP!"

Terrence E. (Terry) Sloan, Director of Operations, Portage Area Ambulance Association

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